Marinagri, on the Lucano coast of the Ionian Sea, is the point of departure to the discovery of a fascinating land rich in traditions and culture. A unique, magical region with more than 700 km of coastline washed by crystal clear sea's. Art, history, cuisine and beauty, characteristics that have forever drawn travellers from all over the world, all these are integrated in the Marinagri experience. You can choose between tours to the Sassi of Matera, the Greek temples of Metaponto, the churches and medieval castles of Melfi, and famous Castle del Monte, Venosa, land of the poet Horatio, or the breath taking natural landscapes of the National Park in Basilicata or Calabria such as the area Pollino and the Dolomiti Lucane. The choice is yours, the journey begins at Marinagri!

Lucania Inedita

Nature at Marinagri


Close to the conservation area protected by the World Wildlife Fund and bordering on the woods of Policoro, Marinagri is the seaside town on the Gulf of Taranto in Basilicata. Here you will find a vast nature reserve ready to welcome you and your family with Botanical Gardens,an Ornithological Oasis and 36 km of footpaths through a beautiful landscape! In the heart of a captivating Mediterranean area you will discover a land unique to the Ionian coast of Basilicata and the southern Mediterranean. A magicical land, rich in history and culture, ready to surprise you through all the seasons!

Itineraries in Basilicata


Basilicata, a region, two seas, so many experiences to live, a thousand treasures to be discovered. A holiday in Basilicata knows how to be incredibly new and unexpected every time: it is the sea with the most beautiful beaches, with the superb Lucanian mountains which rise towering into the sky. Art with the archaeological parks of the Ionian coast and the rock churches of Murgia Matera. History with the Sassi of Matera and the imposing castle of Frederick II of Melfi. Its with in the natural inviroment of the Pollino National Park and its many protected areas. Discover the natural Baths of Rapolla and Latronico. The adventure of the flight of an Angel from Castelmezzano to Pietrapertosa. Its faith with many shrines perched on hill tops, its culture and the birthplace of the famous Latin poet Orazio in Venosa, where Carlo Levi lived in exile in Aliano.

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